Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mix and Match

I decided to try a tablescape tonight for tomorrow's breakfast. This is my problem. I either have a whole set of dishes or I just a few of this and a few of that. I tried to mix and match tonight and well it's bland.. I put my Idea amber plates as a charger cause they are so big and it's not Thanksgiving. I added my good ole' Corelware for the plate. I have these cute little amber I think depression stemware and one of my two sets of orange juice glasses with pitcher. I still need a lot of work on this tablescape thing..
I found these cute little
pizza plates at Michael's for $1.00 a piece.
They are plastic but does pizza really need to be eaten on good China? I don't think so.
 {I am also trying to new editor so well...I don't think I'm gonna like it..}
Any tips on getting the pics to move and STAY where ya want them?

These red plates I found at Hobby Lobby. I only bought 2 plates and 2 salad plates.. I don't know why just becasue I did.  I love the bumping texture to them.  I spent $2.04 each for the salad plate and $5.10 for the dinner plates. I love them. 

Next I bought these two animal skin design stemware for the G and I .. kids hands off.. I am drinking a Bloddy Mary out of them now.. I know..not quite the Bloody Mary glass but I had to try them. They were also on sale. $4.76 each compared to original $13.99..wowza..

We ate dinner on these guys last night. It is a country farm winter scene.I have 4 dinner and 4 salad..  {I had these in my cabinet, know clue where they came from} and I also added this winter scene stemware. I think these may have been from Kroger one Christmas but not sure.. I have to say we lost one of these tonight while I was wiping off the counter..I hit it and flew off and hit the floor..then when I yelled Emma came running and walked right through the glass. I hurried and put them back in the cabinet..Guess was an extra anyways.. Now I am at a even number 12.. all is good. That's why ya buy one extra anyways, right? Right.!!!I then traveled down to the basement where I found more plates and charges.. I really didn't realize I had this much stuff. I know we have a whole box of China somewhere. I have looked, G has looked. I also have a few other plates and things that I just can't find.. I think it's time to clean out these darn closets and find some stuff. 
Do you have any tips for a beginner tablescaper?
 How many sets of things do you buy?
What do you do when you only have 4 of one thing and have to set the table for 6?
How many sets of flatware do you have?
 What are the rules for tablescapes?
Do you set the table everytime you have a meal?
Okay forget this.. I can't get this pic to move up..back to the old editor..


nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Hi--you asked me about the blue and white plates.There is lots of info on the blue and white plates;here is an example:

My mom worked at a grocery store in Mass.that had them for customers to collect. She collected a huge set and then later bought more at an auction. So I have a lot of them. However I think you have to be careful not to use them all of the time because of possible lead (as is true with most older dishes)--I have never had mine tested and I am not sure how well the lead testing kits work.

nannykim/spindlecottage said...

Oh, I think the tablescape stuff is fun, but it can be addictive ;-). I really want to declutter and I want to stop purchasing any dishes. Some people have entire closets for their dishes. The lady that once lived in this old house of mine had a whole secret type room and an additional shed to store dishes in!!! Also many built in shelves. I use it for regular storage and for books--one can really get carried away!! I hope I can resist the temptation this year. I would like to declutter and get more organized!!