Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No sleep and new addition

This last week I have been in a funk..

bad mood...


whatever you want to call it.

I haven't blogged, don't care to blog and to be honest... it was kind of nice.

I have so much to do and so little time. I think part of it is my work shift {midnight to 8am} and then my little ear infection that doesn't really hurt but the ringing white noise is getting on my last nerve. I try to get to sleep but the noise just keeps going.. I am just in a mood and hope to jump out of it soon.

I have such big plans for things around the house and just never seem to get to them. We need to paint the laundry room but when I get in the mood it's so darn cold out and I'm afraid the paint will never dry. I have 15 different crafts going{another tobacco worm} and can't get nothing done. I never get a moment to set down and spend some real time doing what I love.
Dance is starting and motocross is picking up and I just want to sleep. Midnights is turning me into a not nasty but a zombie. I just wonder around the house and say..tomorrow... I'll get it tomorrow. Well after 2 years of tomorrow my house and my energy is running on empty to even get moving each day. I need peace, I need organization...I need a break.. A break without anyone is the house for 2 whole weeks.. Which in my world is not going to happen and that's okay too. If I could just have 2 or 3 days to myself then everyone could come back and tear it up.. My house is not a show house..it's lived in.. lived in by 2 adults, 3 kids and numerous friends running around having a good time. See more pics here of what it could look like

In addition to the adults, kids and friend we have fish {easy care} a turtle, cat {Baxter} and dog {Emma} aka..furrrrbabies

However as of this past Sunday we have a new addition..
I am a grandma..
{sort of}
The oldest and her boyfriend has been visiting the pet stores for months now.. Every Friday and Saturday I get a pic message of yet another dog that they are in love with. Well they found this one the other day and so her dad and I agreed to go take a look. The agreement..the boyfriend would buy it for her for Valentine's day.. oh yeah..for us.. We took Emma to the pet store to check out the options. I was and am not thrilled by this choice.. she will turn out to be a good dog {I HOPE} but I just can't make the connection like I have with My EMma SUE but I guess that's okay.. I am only grandma.

I'm sure she will grow on me but it will take time.

So with half crooked smile

please help me welcome


to the family.

I know to some she is cute as a bug in a rug..to me since she is a NOT.. She is cute in her own way but I am not a dog person to start with and I usually lean towards the soft, fluffy sort not the wirey, short haired ones. She is supposed to a

Silky Terrier
..but I think she is more of a

Rat Terrier

with the coloring of Miss Emma Sue's Yorkie.. I do believe if Emma was shaved down she would look like her minus the big rat ears. .. more pictures to come.

I had thought about this and then G said it.. What if she was a real baby that wasn't quite the cutest..would you not love her for the looks.. I know..I know.. I will try to love her but my Emma will be my first love and she knows it.

They are all doing well. Emma is showing her dominent status and Macy came face to face with Baxter and he only hissed at her and didn't slap the crap out of her like he does Emm.. then Baxter woke me up in the middle of the night biting and pulling at my fingers trying to get me up cause Macy was crying in her cage. Even though he is the big bad cat brother he does have a heart..

and so should I..

I guess blogging is therapy..After I wrote the above I started thinking about how she has been acting. When I took her out the first time she jumped around like a little deer. I don't think she had ever been outside. She was digging her nose in the ground looking for creatures and with our bad dose of moles this year she probably was on to something.

She did lay down with me on the couch and dosed off.

She doesn't seem to like the light and covers her eyes or moves next to a pillow or your arm to shield it away.

She lets me rub her paws which is a good sign to future nail trimming. Emma on the other had is a total Biotch about this.

She took a bath with no problems and let me blow her hair dry.

She wore an old dress of Emm's and did okay and a jacket to go outside..

I guess she will be a okay dog and I know will turn out to a sweet little girl..

G is taking her to the vet tomorrow so I will report later on what breed she actually might be and how big or not big she will get. ..

So let's try this again.. with a big warm smile...Please welcome my new grandbaby.. Macy

I think most of my attitude is because a doggy is not just a little thing.. it's work..it's money and a big commitment for years to come.

I'm just going with the tude...

What's one more in the zoo.

I'm not sure is that is a question or a statement but I'm going with it.


Cathy said...

Awww I think she's adorable! Of course you know I am a dog person. Wish I could have another, but I can barely handle the one I have. lol I hope you learn to really love her. Macy-that's a cute name too. Looking forward to hearing for sure what she is and how big she'll get and more pictures.

Justine said...

Holy crap woman, you need a VACATION and BAD! I think I asked you last week if it would be possible for you to work the day shift? That right there might make a world of difference for you.

The puppy is cute, but if it's the teen's puppy, I hope she's taking care of it, not you!

Justine :o )

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Anonymous said...

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