Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Found interview

I was cleaning out my {collect all} notepad in my purse where I scribble ideas, lists and more lists.. I came across a interview I did with my G from maybe August or September. For his answers and what he thinks of me read on.

Me- What makes you {G}laugh about me? {Cathy}
G- Your perverted sense of humor

Me- What is something I always say to you?
G- You never listen to me.

I do say this because I can say monster so and so is going to so and so's house and then to the mall.. we need to take him/her at 6pm. At 6 when I get ready to walk out the door or the kids say come on dad let's go he gets mad cause he doesn't know what they are talking about.. Hence- HE DOESN'T LISTEN TO ME.

Me- What makes me happy?
G- ha ha ha..money and getting away.

I say it's money so we CAN get away..

Me- How is my driving?
G- {big eyes like he doesn't know which way to go with this} answer- OKaY {safe}

Me- What is my favorite thing to do?
G- Sleeping

Me- If I become famous what will it be for?
G- I'm gonna say, house design.

I am always redesigning my dream home.. the steps, rooms, laundry, everything have to be in the right place.

Me- What is my favorite color?
G- Black- No hesitation about that answer.

Me- What is my favorite food?
G- Guacamole and Pica De Gallo {He's right}

Me- What is the best meal I make?
G- Meatloaf

Me- If I was an animal what kind would it be?
G- Black Cat


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Justine said...

So about this dream home. Will you ever build it?

Justine :o )