Friday, January 01, 2010

A Major Award

As I was scanning pictures I found these that I took off the TV of A Christmas Story. Then I started thinking about all of the friends I have made through blogging and how they would never let me out in the cold with my tongue stuck to a flag pole
and thought..
ya know these gals need an award. They take time out of their days to read my stupid stories of my life and then even comment.. you just don't know how excited I get when I get comments.
So for some old friends and some new I have an award for you.. and it's a Major award..
Taaaadaaaaa.... to my friends, may we meet in person one day.. Copy and paste this pic in your side bar and remember that I will bring water when your tongue is stuck..

I would love to travel around and visit everyone I met these last few years.
Anyone up for a road trip?

Here's to my friends. Jump on over to their blogs..I think they are real weiners..

Cathy at TCKK
Cathy at Latte for Me
Lissa at Whoo's that Girl it's funny cause when I get a twitter..D that Lissa Joy
Brandy at Not an Average Soccer Mom

Justine at Stupid is as Sister Does
Sara at Photogablog
Anita at Far above Rubies

Thank you all and for all the over visitors.. I truly do love comments..
I feel special.. and I like to feel


*Lissa* said...

Never fear - LissaJoy is here! ;p That's hilarious about the tweets!

I am always up for a road trip, and hopefully this year I will have money to get a few in!

You know... you could join me and do the 1/2 marathon in San Diego in June...

*Lissa* said...

And P.S. Love the award!!

Cathy said...

Thanks Cathy! You're fun to read and you always have such neat photos. Besides us 3 Cathy's on here have to stick together, you know?!? Happy New Year!

Oh, and I'm gonna start tweeting more just to see if D will start thinking it's maybe me or Lissa! haha

Justine said...

Aw, you're so sweet, Cathy!!!! I love coming here, reading your stories and looking at your pictures!

Justine :o )