Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snow, Shells, Soup, Scarf equals

a very excited mom on a snow day...

Ya see I don't know who gets more excited me or the kids..probably the kids but I get pretty darn excited about bad weather, snow, bad roads and no school. However today I had to work til 8am and then went to sleep til my normal 1:19 PM.. I woke up and the house had been in full swing but I still got to enjoy a little of it. Baxter slept most of the day on his bankie..not blanket..bankie, G and the kids made snow ice cream.

I love the thought of sledding,

playing in the snow,

hot chocolate and

nasty frozen towels at the front door

full of outdoor wear.

I know.. you all must think I'm crazy..that's okay... cause I am.. I love this stuff.

Last night I went to work and I dug out my green scarf.. Now this scarf has history.. I made it myself and I love it. Years ago I wore it to work and our Asst. Chief asked what the hell it was. Someone mentioned that it looked like a tobacco worm.. I know.. I know.. how could they say that about my gorgeous scarf.. Well one day a little piece fell off and I went in and put it around one of his Police figurines in his office.. I told him that since he was so jealous that he could have one too. He thanked me..then looked at me like I was crazy.. which I am. He asked if it ever dies and I said yes.. it actually unraveled and I had to re-loop it. It's alive, it will never die.. Well last night he came in and was in his office.. I called his name and then flipped in the door of his office.. he laughed like.

OMG another winter with the worm.

There ya go, now ya know the story of my tobacco worm.

Now to the soup part-

I decided last night {at work} I would make the kids potato soup today..

This is a combo of my mom's and a Weight Watcher recipe.

Warm, hearty, easy and quick..

First I cut up potatoes...imagine that... potatoes in potato soup..unheard of..

I boil them in some water and chicken broth, a little onion, garlic powder, parsley, salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil and when potatoes are tender

mix 1 packet peppered gravy mix with some milk and add to the boiling pot. I then threw in some Velveeta cheese and a spoonful of butter.. Remember I don't measure anything so just wing it.. trust can do this.

My theory..

if it's too dry add more liquid..

if it's too wet add more dry.. Now this is the "my mom part"

Mix Bisquick, egg and milk into a sticky wet paste...

yummy huh? Then drop it in the boiling pot by the spoonful.. this makes little dumplings..

{the best part} Let them cook a few minutes and serve.. Easy peasy potato soup.

Other events of the day.. I put a recycle label on one {we have two for the crew} of the trash cans in the kitchen. Love my label maker.

While my soup cooked I snapped a pic out the kitchen window.. how dreary looking, at least it isn't so terribly cold out today. Then I ventured out the front door where I took some pictures of the dormant, peaceful snow covered plants. I love how the snow piles up on things.. Emma is a snow bunny at heart..she loves to dig into the snow with her face.. I only got this pic cause I yelled Cheeeeeeeeese. The little monster was outside with a friend sledding down D's skateboard ramps. He was off tromping through the woods and the oldest was snowmobiling with her man.

I guess the weather is getting to the oldest.. she cleaned her room..I mean REALLY cleaned it and then came down with shells from Myrtle Beach that she collected like 3 years ago.. She is having sun with drawl. She washed the shells where they found a crab pincher {which was thrown into the recycle can..} What? She is going to put these around her room. She is needing the beach.

The girls at dance the other night asked her if she was sick.. I didn't want to say that yes in fact she was getting a little pale.

If I would I would have got the tanning bed argument again..

So with snow on the ground I have shells on my island, what a combo.

Well it was 4pm and D had been wondering through the woods with friends since I got up. They made it over to Cousin D's house {a little over a mile}so I went to get them. His aunt said they were warm but their clothing was frozen and I couldn't stand to make them walk back. So I ventured out in my winter boots.. Sexy huh?

I wasn't going to take my camera and sure glad I did..I came back with about 75 new pics that I just couldn't live without.. Hi my names is Cathy and I am addicted to my camera.
Well I pulled up to get 4 boys and there was Mr. C.., Cousin D was plowing the drive.

So I threw the boys in the Land Yacht and took off to slip and slide {on purpose} down the road. I tell ya.. they kept saying hit the brakes and my traction control took over..bummer.. I did take it out of 4 wheel drive in Mr. E's drive and well I couldn't go anywhere.. I put it back in and took off.. I think she {Mr. E named her Honey} likes 4 wheel drive. Now some people buy SUV and never use it.. Oh I use it...I bought the land yacht {Honey} cause I am always hauling 3-6 wet, frozen, stinky, muddy, kids around with all their junk {snowboards, air soft guns, motocross, dance, dirt bikes} My car is not a pretty, clean all the time thing.. it's dirty, used, kid tested and lived in... I just crank up the heat and turn on some music, they put their seat belts on and carry on with their stupid little jokes, farts, burps and we whip down the road. I handed D the camera and had him get a pic of this car that slid down a hill.. I would have taken it myself but the poor soul was standing along the road with the tow truck and I didn't want to do the same while trying to capture their misfortune.

Our road..not bad..still slick.

Black and white looking in my side mirror.

Mr. E in his fashionable Carhartts. He was posing. He is such a funny kid.

Mr. E's mom has a horse farm so I stopped, jumped out and ran over to take some pics.This guy like my camera.. He almost nosed my lens..

This is Mr. E's drive.. it's pretty long but my good ole' Honey trotted right down the lane with no problems.

Well I hear the dryer beeping over Jack Johnson on XM radio {where I am dreaming of sand, more shells and sun} and I need to get new dry towels on the floor for the second round and do dishes from the mess today. I just took snow bunny out and the walk is 5 G had it cleaned off {it's 7:37 now} So much for the quick has snowed since 8am.. Looking like we are having snow day #2 tomorrow.. I am so excited, but I also have to work tonight at midnight..this is when I wish I didn't have Honey loving her 4 wheel drive. I could totally stay home tonight but I can't...9-1-1 will still ring..I have to be there.


Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

It was hard to find where to leave a comment because it is at the start of the blog and not at the end. I am glad I was persistent and just kept looking, love the snow pictures, and the recipe, i will have to try that...thanks so much for mentioning my blog on your blog, so happy you are a follower and like to visit, I have had the flu and could not do a tablescape for this week, but I will be ready for next week, anyway I enjoy your blog, I was born in ca. and it is hard to believe everyones weather is like it is here, now around 80 outside and only cool in the evening, wow what a difference it sure is pretty there...thanks for following nice to have a new friend...Phyllis

Bonnie said...

Love your posting...your hilarious and I love how you say your car is kid tested and you put some music on and they do their thing and you go.

I So AGREEEEEEE!! Why fight it.

LOVE LOVE the photos with the horses.

Cathy said...

This was a fun post Cathy. I like the scarf, in fact I'm in the middle of making a red one right now. Loved all the snow pictures and the shells. I could stand to be at the beach about now too.