Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since I slept most of the day I didn't get any new pics of the New Macy but G did take her for her vet visit..
Now picture this.. G taking the 2 lbs baby in her red corduroy winter jacket and pink collar to the vet. He is such a good grandpa.
So he took her for her checkup and the verdict
the doc thinks she is an
Australian Terrier
and could get to 10-12 lbs.
She is in good shape and said she is an excellent dog.
She got some of her baby shots so she wasn't feeling so well.
He doesn't think she is going to get fluffy but that's okay as long as she doesn't shed which I have pulled around and nothing comes off.
So that's the poop scoop.. I guess she's a keeper so watch for photo updates of the little thing-ette.

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