Friday, January 01, 2010

2004 recap


2004 Him (the a$$hole I dated back then) and I went down to Norris Lake with my parents. We spent most of the time of this dock fishing. I love fishing.. We took D and Cousin D to play putt putt. Look how little they are...D and his best friend (at the time) on his 10th birthday.
Since then D dated a girl for over a year..
his best friend was always around..
then one day D and the said girl broke up..
Wyatt his best friend moved in.
D was relieved cause she was a ...well.. strange girl..I'll leave it at that..
Now said girl and best friend have broke up..
We spent a lot of time hanging at the pit with the extended family. I love this place.

In 2004 we got Fraynk the Turtle.. actually we got Claynk first but he died after 6 days..

so we moved on to Fraynk which is still living peacefully in D's room. We did a lot of fishing this year. I caught a big nasty turtle and a softball size clam or shell..they were both nasty.
D still let me in the bathroom with him... and he actually didn't mind the camera back then.

Baxter the Bean waiting for the water to be turned on.
This was Baxter's favorite spot to sleep..right on me.. now a days Emma has taken over that spot.

Fall of 2004
As I was planning on moving into a bigger house so we (him, his kids, D and I) would have more room to move around something happened.

We took one of his son's friends home after football practice..

The friend's parents were going through a divorce. He said that the
wife was a "bitch"
his words not mine..

On October 30 I moved and he left after helping..
he never came back.
1 year later he married that "bitch"
She can have him..
sO mOving on...
This is where we moved.We put up Christmas lights..oh they were pretty. D, Wyatt and I went to the Christmas Parade like normal.D finally had a tree to climb in.. He loved this place.. In 2005 things took a turn.. a turn in all different directions..
Find out tomorrow what happened in my life.. and I should have kept the name..
As the World Flops..
it suits me to a T...
See ya tomorrow for 2005 and whirlwind...
Happy New Year

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