Thursday, January 28, 2010

Without work...

I would be a happy person.
I try to be a happy person all the time but life gets in the way and makes me a NON happy person.

I do love my job, I just have a bizillion other things that I would rather be doing and work just gets in the way..
I have a thousand crafts started

.. not

.. finished.

I started sewing cloth napkins and my sewing maching started acting up. I called in reinforcements {my mom.} She came down and had a few choice words with it.
Then I started sewing a table runner and I had a few choice words with it myself. The oldest walked through the kitchen and said she was going to forward the
"I have conversations with inanimate objects"
group on FACeBooK... geeEEEE thanks.
I am making a new bright orange tobacco worm scarf so I can wear it to dance competitions and show my colors.
I found the old craft of
Mod Podgeor decopodge..
gonna try some new things with it.

Sunday morning I told the little one the plan for the day {which did not include buying a dog} and I asked her if she just wanted to eat breakfast so we could get going or did she want a fancy table.. she said "Fancy Table!!!!"

I made Kendall's Blueberry Breakfast which turned awesomely.. is awesomely a word? G even liked it. We had that with cheesy eggs on bagels. The kids drank OJ out of wine glasses and we had fun. I didn't get any pics cause we threw it together just as the food was ready so there was no time in between. I think I should start setting the breakfast table Saturday night but this weekend I was so tired and could only think about bed.

I need to restring my Amber bracelet into a necklace so it's close to my neck, ears and head.. It's supposed to be good for ear troubles and I could have used it this past week.

I need to clean and organize my house. I noticed that the hat, scarf, glove bins in the coat closest are overflowing with mismatched gloves. The beach towel cabinet is a mess too. The little one and friends have got their swim on at the Y.

G and I went to Wal-Mart yesterday and stocked up some much needed stuff. We found several frozen things we make a lot cheaper up there then at Krogers.
I can see the light at the tunnel when the seasonal stuff turns into


products. Yeeeaaah.. I bought organic seed starter soil and some seeds. Last year we didn't have a garden and I missed it. I have to admit..I plant the seeds all pretty and then they are on their own. I don't weed everyday.. I don't fuss over them..but ya know what? They still grow veggies out the wazooo.. But it's sad to report that while I type this post it's snowing outside and the schools are delayed 2 hours. So in all reality spring is not that close and the seeds will have to wait. I will embrase this crazy snow thing cause I know that the Earth needs it to feed the grass and make it bright and green to run our toes through this spring when I am planting my GARDEN.
Did I mention my ear. ..? I know enough of the ear story. A guy at work told my about ear candling. We tried them and let me report it's much scarier being on the outside and in charge of cutting the ash than it is lying your head on the table with fire coming out of your ear. I have pics..yes I do.. I will try to get them posted for all to see..I know ya want to see.

Needless to say that since I do have this ringing and pain that my candle was a little yucky. Odd since I didn't have any wax that we could see. I must have a reserve tunnel with a stockpile.. maybe I will not show you .. Ear things are just gross in itself..

Do you ever listen to Yahoo radio or XM radio on your satellite or car? If so what is your favorite station. Mine is the Coffeehouse... when I listen to it I am so peaceful.. I think the TV is too busy and the up and down on levels drives me crazy.. I am at peace with my coffeehouse. If you have never listen to XM /satellite click here to check it out. Coffehouse

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